söndag 11 juli 2010

Teaser Posters

McFly are releasing, what appear to be, a series of teaser posters – but what could they mean?

We have seen two of the posters so far, one from Tom Fletcher (left) and one from Harry Judd.

At a glance, you could easily mistake them for movie posters, so perhaps they are for the new music video.

We started thinking yesterday when Tom tweeted the first poster – a shield / symbol looking shape on a cloudy background. Then we remembered a series of photos of the boys from a little while back, all looking pretty badass in strange clothing with funky shades and make-up. So when Harry posted his poster today with a different shield – it all feels a bit ‘Power Rangers’ to us.

Of course, this is all speculation. Superheroes don’t usually have much to do with party girls (the new single has been confirmed as Party Girl).

We’ll just have to wait and see what Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones post – and then for the single and album release in early September.

Xxxx McFluCrew

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  1. Är det bara jag eller påminner dom där bilderna om djuren från Harry Potter - Den högra är Gryffindors lejon och den andra är Slytherins orm XD hahah det kan vara för att jag är mitt inne i 4:e boken men jag tycker så XD Jag lovar att Danny's och Dougie's går i blåa och gula nyanser som Hufflepuffs och Ravenclaws :D