måndag 2 augusti 2010

I miss missing you!

Här är en artikel om Frankie och Dougie från Contact Music.

"Sandford's Sadness Over Short Poynter Split
British singer FRANKIE SANDFORD is pleased her relationship with DOUGIE POYNTER is back on - she's branded her two-week split from the MCFLY star "one of the most difficult" periods of her life.

The Saturdays singer had been living with the bassist before their split in March (10), which saw Poynter move out of their north London home.

The pair saw each other during their romance hiatus and Sandford was photographed looking teary-eyed during one emotional meeting.

They've since revived their relationship - and the singer is just glad the press attention has died down now she is no longer single.

Sandford tells U.K. TV host Alan Carr, "That was probably one of the most difficult times I've been through and that's the truth. It was horrible.

"It seems like the whole world just wanted to know what we were doing and where I was and they were trying to hook me up with this guy and that guy. If I dated everyone they (the press) said I did I'd be very busy. It was a bit embarrassing being caught crying." "

Här är intervjun från Alan Carr och när The Saturdays uppträder Missing you, Cahill Remix.

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