fredag 6 augusti 2010

No where left to run!

Här är några bilder från Party Girl videon och en artikel från 3am

"We’ve only just recovered from the last set of pictures from McFly’s little feature film, but now they’ve gone and released extra ones. What a treat.

But these ones make us fidget in the chair even more! Since when did Harry become so unbearably attractive? We met him a few weeks ago and we would have had a much better go at throwing ourselves at him had we known he was hiding this underneath his t-shirt.

The well fit pics have been taken from McFly’s new feature film, which features sex and vampires and sex and blood and sex. It’s to celebrate their new website Super City, with a 90 second trailer from the movie premiering tonight at 8pm on It has sex in it, so we might watch."
Xxx McFluCrew

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