söndag 3 oktober 2010

Dougies haircut!

Artikeln är från The Sun.

"DOUGIE POYNTER is taking drastic measures to change his appearance – to stop comparisons with girlfriend FRANKIE SANDFORD.
The MCFLY star recently joked that the couple were merging into one after his SATURDAYS partner splashed out on a matching floppy-fringed hairdo.

He told me: “We’re a bit like JEDWARD.”

So it came as no surprise he’s gearing up for the chop (not to be mistaken for castration) when I caught up with Dougie and his bandmates at last night’s BT Digital Music Awards 2010.

The bassist said: “I’m going to have something really wild and radical done. The fringe is going. I might just get it all shaved off.

“Whatever I go for, it will be very different to Frankie’s hair.”

Only until her next trip to the salon, I suspect."

Xoxo McFluCrew

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