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McFly will be around forever!

Här är en artikel om McFly från Lancashire Telegraph:

"POP stars come and go but McFly, it seems, will be around forever.

Seven years ago the fresh-faced foursome burst on to the scene with their debut single, 5 Colours In Her Hair. Floppy of fringe and low-slung of trouser, they were every teenage girl’s dream.

Then, earlier this year, the boys returned with their latest single, Party Girl, taken from the soon-to-be-released fifth studio album.

Something had changed. The clothes were tighter. The bodies were fitter. Grown women swooned. Otherwise sane and responsible journalists in this very office spent hours staring wistfully at pictures of Harry, Tom, Dougie and, of course, our very own Danny.

“We had a pretty hardcore six weeks in LA during the recording process,” says Danny of the boys’ transformation.

“Then Harry was training for a marathon, so we trained with him. It was pretty tough.”

So is the former Thornleigh Salesian College student still keeping up with the regime?

“I’ve sort of given up now,” he admits sheepishly. “I’m back on the booze.”

You wonder when he would find the time. Not only are the boys incredibly hands-on when it comes to communicating with their fans — “We’re pretty keen on Twitter; our online following is so big it stretches around the world, so it’s the only way to keep up with everyone,” says Danny — but he is also working on a dance side project, Dirtiratz.

“It’s not really a solo project, it’s just something I wanted to play around with on the side,” he says. “It started as a hobby making dance music, but I decided to see how far it could go.”

He describes the material as sounding like Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia or David Guetta, “but with me singing”.

He says: “What I want to do that would be quite cool would be to do the album launch through Supercity and then do some aftershow boutique parties after our gigs so people can come and have a dance.”

Ah yes, Supercity. McFly’s long-heralded, multi-layered new website that caused such hysteria among fans when it was launched that the server promptly crashed.

Danny says: “At the moment we’re switching over to bigger servers. I suppose it’s a good thing and a bad thing that it crashed.

“We were on such a high when we got 10,000 members in two hours, but then when it crashed we were all bummed out because we felt like we’d let everyone down — we felt awful.”

At one point there were 62,000 people trying to join at the same time, which Danny describes as “unbelievable”.

And his annoyance that the launch didn’t run smoothly seems personal, and genuine.

“It was totally underestimated,” he says, before trailing off.

“Well, we knew. It was a risk, but someone didn’t put a big enough bloody server up.”

He promises Supercity should be functioning again within the next week or two.

Meanwhile, the boys are preparing for five intimate gigs, including one at the Manchester Apollo, which they will use as a warm-up for their arena tour next year.

Danny says: “I love the Apollo — I’ve seen a lot of my idols there. We’ve done a lot of our small, sweaty, rocky shows there.”

There is also the release of the new single, Shine A Light, which Danny describes as “one of the best singles we’ve had”, and the album, Above The Noise.

Busy times for McFly, but they never lose sight of what, or rather who, is really important.

“We love our fans,” says Danny. “They’re so loyal. We write and perform so it’s real, it’s not like we’re just here for the money.

“But they’ve been with us for seven years and that’s fantastic.” "

Xx McFluCrew

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