tisdag 5 oktober 2010

Super City Updates

Så har alla sett att en ny video har lagts upp på McFly.com?

Killarna är fortfarande upprörda av att portarna till Super City måste hållas stängda ett tag till och SuperCityHQ skrev på Twitter:
I hope I don't get in trouble for telling you this but I'm telling you anyway!
After the webchat on Friday when Mcfly had to announce Super City was temporarily closing its borders, one or two of them cried afterwards. The band
were absolutely devastated and I've never known them to be so upset :( Mcfly are the most amazing band in the world to manage and they care SO much about you...
you're gonna LOVE living in Super City with them!

Ord kan inte beskriva hur underbara de fyra killarna är.. Tom skrev även ett inlägg på sin Tumblr där han berättar lite om vad som har hänt och vad som komma skall.
Hey everyone,

So I just wanted to let you know the latest news on the Super City. There were big meetings today with all the key people that have built and run the Super City to isolate the problem so we can get rid of it! And you’ll all be pleased to know that we have found the weakest link in our team and given them the boot! So we now know exactly what needs to be done to get the Super City back up to speed (I wont bore you with the technical stuff) and the whole team is working double time this week to have it sorted.

Having said that, Danny, Dougie, Harry and myself are not going to open the gates to
the Super City until we are 100% sure that it is ready and more than capable of
coping with all you incredible Pioneers! We don’t think it’s fair to you guys. So we wont rush to get it open this week and instead will aim to have the gates open as early as we can next week.

I hope that’s ok with you and we feel it’s better to wait a few more days until we know it’s definitely ready for you all rather than rush and have the same thing happen as last Friday! This Super Site has taken 2 years to build and we have invested so much time and passion (not to mention money) into it so we feel extremely let down and disappointed in the people responsible for Fridays issues. But this site is ultimately our (McFLY’s) responsibility and we will never, EVER give you something we are not satisfied with. If anyone wants a refund then we’ll put the details on mcfly.com tomorrow. Don’t forget that we’ll give everyone this month for free and also an extra gift from us to say sorry!

Until the gates are open again we will be putting up some new, exclusive content on mcfly.com so look out for it. We’ll keep you updated this week on the progress of the Super City.

Thanks SO much for your incredible patience and trust me, it will all be well worth the wait when we’re all finally in the city together.


Har du några frågor angående Super City (eller bara rent allmänt om McFLY) så får du jätte gärna maila oss så ska vi försöka svara dem. :)
xxx McFluCrew

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