lördag 6 november 2010

Dirty McFly!

Här är en intervju med McFly från 3am!

Jag kunde inte få videoklippet till bloggen så ni får helt enkelt kolla här!

"The last time we interviewed McFly, we got completely carried away and ended up talking absolute filth on top of their interview (warning – if you click on this link, you will be disgusted) about how we wanted to mount Danny and lick Dougie’s tattoos.

So when we turned up to meet the boys at the studio yesterday, we were hoping they hadn’t watched our X-rated video. Yeah… they had. But rather than scolding us (which we would have quite enjoyed), they encouraged us by saying it turned them on. Not a wise move, boys.

Aside from our attempt to have sex with them, we spoke to McFly about their new Super City site and album Above The Noise, before moving swiftly onto full frontal nudity, The Only Way Is Essex and showing The Saturdays their testicles.

And then there’s the amazing game which we created especially for the interview – ‘I Believe I Can McFly, I Believe I Can Touch the McSky’. This basically involved showing the boys pictures of animals and letting them guess whether they have the ability to fly. Because education is fun, even if you’re a well famous band.

Watch the video above to find out the results of our hilarious quiz, plus feel free to rewind and play the bit where Harry says ‘you’re naughty’ over and over again (we totally didn’t do that).

PS Here’s an even filthier video where we play ‘shag, marry and avoid’ with McFly - which you simply must watch. Unless you’re 12 or something, in which case, go to bed. No, you can’t see the pretty fireworks, just go to bed."

Xxx McFluCrew

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