lördag 6 november 2010

Dougie passed out!

Här är en artikel från Contact Music. På tal om Paul O'Grady så finns nya intervjuer uppe på vår youtube kanal! McFly uppträdde också Shine a Light för första gången på tv igår (5 november)!! Videon ligger också uppe på kanal!! So check it out!!

"MCFLY star DOUGIE POYNTER was left red-faced after fainting during a recent tattoo session.
The British musician has been adding to his body art collection and plans to cover his entire forearm with ink.

But during one recent outing to the tattoo parlour, Poynter came over queasy and passed out.

He tells U.K. TV host Paul O'Grady, "I fainted on one of my sessions of having a tattoo (sic). It was on the inside of my arm.

"I have kind of a full sleeve in the making. It's more annoying than really painful, it's just quite aggravating. It's just like being poked and it's like, 'Agh, stop!'" "
Nya klipp finns också uppe på vår andra youtube kanal!
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