onsdag 3 november 2010

"...she left me with a broken heart"

Här är en till artikel om Shine a Light:

"In a year where Kelis released a dance LP, Robyn put out a trilogy of albums and Nicki Minaj, erm, happened, McFly Going Electro still managed to shock us. Having launched their new sound over the summer with ballsy dance-pop stomper 'Party Girl', they've now teamed up with the self-proclaimed Rockstarr But Actually Electropop Peddler Taio Cruz for their latest offering. Question is, has the novelty of a newer, poppier and, crucially, hunkier McFly already worn off?

Of course it flippin' well hasn't! On paper the pairing may sound like a hideous mish-mash of conflicting genres, but crank this up LOUD and the result is pop perfection. 'Shine A Light' might be a sentimental number about missing an ex, but with Cruz's squelchy synths, McFly's trademark pop/rock choonage and some deceptively catchy "Eh Eh"s, the urge to bound around the nearest open space for three minutes and 45 seconds is near-irresistible. Perhaps Dougie and co. have made a rockstar Rokstarr out of Taz after all?"


Xxx McFluCrew

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