måndag 30 november 2009

Katie Price

Här är ett stycke tagen från en intervju med Katie Price från Guardian.co.uk.

It's impossible to tell, a lot of the time, how she gets from one topic to the next, except for this bridge – you see those other people? They are shit. "I don't believe in just taking pictures with a group of disabled kids just to get my picture in the papers," she said, straight afterwards. "Which is what a lot of people do. Look at [boy band] McFly. They did a song all about the tsunami. Did [the money] really go to the people who needed it? Let me see, if any of those bands were to do a whole charity album. And dedicate the whole album to charity. Me and Pete are the only people I know who've done that."

Ser ut som att någon är lite avundsjuk på the boys! x')

Kan det bero på låten som Danny skrev för några år sedan?

x McFluCrew

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