onsdag 2 december 2009

Dannys nya tatuering

Quite a while back, we posted something about Danny's new tattoo which he had spoken about on twitter.
After that one mention, he never spoke about it again.
Danny Jones has the strange habbit to keep his tattoo designs secret, in case someone might want to copy them. Well, he should've been a little more careful with his ink if he didn't want the fans to find out...
Holly was one of the lucky girls who got to join the Premier 21 Master Class of McFly and took this picture. It reveals a nearly half of the artwork, but you still can't exactly see what the entire thing says.

Thank God for McFly's Spanish fans! Several Spanish girls have spotted the entire thing and said that his tattoo reads: "Searching for my" with underneath the picture of a bird (which stands for freedom perhaps?) and underneath that in big beautiful letters "Soul".

Fun fact; 'Searching for my soul' is the title of a Springsteen song! Danny is a massive fan of The Boss, he even named his dog after him!

Xx McFluCrew

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