fredag 4 december 2009

Fans meeting McFly

Robyn var ett av fansen som mötte upp killarna på flygplatsen, det här är vad Robyn har att säga om upplevelsen:

"They are just as lovely in person as they seem. Cody spotted Dougie first and kept saying, "Dougie? It's Dougie!" Then Danny came and saw her little sign (just said "Welcome to Atlanta.") He looked honestly dumbfounded. I don't think they expected anyone to be there. Tom appeared out of thin air and shocked the hell out of me (squeak: "Tom Fletcher!" He just said, "yeah." *smile*) We all shook hands, Tom said it was very efficient, then we asked if we could have some pictures and Fletch suggested we move out of the way. We went over to the baggage claim, they got their luggage off of the thingamabob (can't think right now). We teased Tom because he asked if they needed a trolley, we all laughed and told him here it is a cart. They tried to say "cart" in an American accent. We got our pictures, but they needed to go, Fletch was trying to hurry things along. We said goodbye and off home we went.

They are lovely, lovely lads. They had been traveling for so long and they didn't have to stop and make sure that we all had pictures/things signed, but they made sure to stop and chat (probably because they had no clue they had fans here and were excited). "

Xx McFluCrew

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