tisdag 22 december 2009


Här är en artikel tagen från hemsidan Angryape:

McFly's Tom Fletcher has claimed the band's next album "will blow you away".
The four-piece have been recording songs for the follow-up to 2008's 'Radio:ACTIVE' this year, which they have previously described as going in a "new direction".
And now Fletcher has given a new update on the album's progress, saying: "We spent a couple of weeks in Atlanta working with Dallas Austin and his awesome friends.
"We came up with some absolute tunes. The next album is gonna blow you away. [I] Can't believe how awesome the songs are already." Added Tom.
"Since then we've been home, getting in the mood for Christmas and catching up with friends. Apart from the odd car crash, it has been an amazing month."
McFly are expected to release the album in Spring, 2010

"Nothing we don't already know..."

haha take care

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