tisdag 22 december 2009

Taio Cruz

Här är en artikel om Kylie Minogue och Taio Cruz, ni vet killen som jobbade med McFly... Den tjocka kuriv stilen är när McFly kommer in i texten ;)

Kylie Minogue is working on new tracks with British producer Taio Cruz - who says he is dropping his signature sound to take the singer in an entirely new direction.
Kylie Minogue is working on new tracks with British producer Taio Cruz.

'Break Your Heart' hitmaker Taio has even revised his signature sound so he can take the Australian singer in an entirely new direction.

He said: "I've done a few tracks with Kylie which sound amazing and very dancey, but that's because most things right now are - I'm making it very current."

According to Taio, the songs sound very different to his own records and the compositions he has written for other artists, including rapper Tinchy Stryder and Cheryl Cole.

Taio, 24, added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "I have a certain style that I do in terms of songwriting, it's there on Tinchy Styder and it's there on 'Break Your Heart' and on the new Cheryl record too.

"But I'm stopping that now because too many people recognise it."

As well as Kylie, Taio has also recently been working with guitar-based pop group McFly on revolutionising their sound.

He revealed: "I was in the studio with them last week and they play their instruments very well. They are really talented and it was easy to come up with a song together."

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