tisdag 22 december 2009


I september var killarna med i en liten presskonferans 10 tjejer fick chansen att fråga killarna en fråga.
What song do you wish u had wrote? (Fryke)
Danny: Happy birthday!
Tom: There are too many of them.
Dougie: YMCA!
Harry: McCartney & Wings
Tom: Yeah, that’s a good one!
Harry: I wish I had wrote our own song “All About You”
What’s at the top of your “Try Before You Die” list? (Annika)
Harry: Errr… Sex?
Tom: Yeah we’ve heard that’s a lot of fun.
Dougie: I’m gonna try live as long as I can before I die.
Harry: I wanna go on date with Dougie.
Tom: There has to be something…
Danny: This is a hard question.
Dougie: I want to ride an elephant and meet a chimpanzee!
Tom: I wanna go in space.
Danny: I want to throw sausages to naked woman!
Who was your hero when you were little? (Chantal)
Danny: Dennis The Menace. I loved him!
Dougie: Denver The Last Dinosaur
Danny: -starts singing the Denver song-
Tom: Michael Jackson
Harry: I think I didn’t have any hero’s.
What three words would your best friends use to discribe you? (Rixt)
Harry: Dougie is sweet, strange and has very strange habbits.
Dougie: Eurgh.
Tom: Harry is cheeky, magical and … fat
Harry: Tom, you are delicious, round and fantastic.
Tom: And Danny is magical, unpredictable and philosophical. Haha!
What cheers you up when you’re down? (Roos)
Tom: Disney movies!
Harry: Friends.
Dougie: The tv show Friends.
Harry: Yeah, works very well!
Danny: My dog. He’s very funny.
Do you have other talents, we don’t know about? (Eline)
Danny: Ohh quite a lot!
Harry: Tom can fly.
Tom: Yeah, I’m a pilot. But that’s not a talent, you just have to learn it.
Danny: Harry is a good drawer and dancer.
Harry: Dougie knows how to spit..
Dougie: Yeah, that’s were I’m good at!
In ‘Room On The 3rd Floor’ you sing about a very bad hotel. What’s the worst night in a hotel you’ve ever had? (Noortje)
Danny: I once had a very bad night…
Dougie: The one in New York was horrible.
Tom: I couldn’t sleep well this tour. I can, at the moment, only sleep on our tourbus. Last night at the hotel, I walked into a window..
Danny: He’s been unconscious for 50 minutes.
What’s the best invention of the last 25 years? (Nanda)
Danny: The iPhone! The vacuum-cleaner! Oh, and internet!
Tom: Yeah, the development of internet.
Harry; Sky Plus
Dougie: The penis stretcher
Have you ever pranked your band mates? What was your lamest prank? (Janna)
Dougie: Danny put a clean foil over the toilet once.
Tom: His own toilet.
Harry: -to Dougie- We covered up you.
Dougie: Yeah I got clean foiled.
Dougie: And Tom’s car! We use quite a lot clean foil.
Harry: What’s that called in Dutch?
Danny: Doorschiftig folie?
Do you other band mates know something about you, which you’d wish they didn’t?
Danny: -To Tom- You play with… No leave it..
Harry: I don’t think there is a lot.
Danny: We know everything of eachother. We’ve seen everything aswell.
Harry: -to Dougie- What do I know? How to scare you.
Danny: Dougie loves to hug, right Harry? -hugs Dougie-
Dougie: Go away! You’re just trying to impress everyone here.
Tom: Harry used to kiss Dougie.
Harry: I still kiss Dougie. He likes it.
Danny: Dougie loves hugging.

xx McFluCrew

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