lördag 26 december 2009

Tom and Gio

Här är lite uppdateringar från Toms och Giovannas jul!

tommcfly Getting into bed with my new handmade blanket from @gfalcone601. Hope someone doesn't call the police on me!
Here it is, nice and cosy!

tommcfly Who calls the police on a party on Christmas day, on a Friday night. Hate power-trip, double-pay, chrismas killer policemen
And we were leaving To go home anyway, I told that to the polce and he replied with "shut up". Ho ho hope he's on the naughty list.
Someone called the police on us for having a party on Christmas day. All I can honestly say is....merry Christmas!

gfalcone601 Turning up to @dannymcfly's like this!

tommcfly We're playing a card game called "pig"...I lost!
Xxx McFluCrew

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