måndag 14 december 2009

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What's the one thing more or less every person in England does at Christmas time? Yes, that's right, we all go out and get plastered – and that's exactly what The Saturdays did this weekend at their very own Christmas party. As soon as Una, Frankie, Rochelle, Mollie and Vanessa arrived at the Aura club next to The Ritz in London they were up on the tables dancing away and having a brilliant time. Frankie, whose drunk little bottom you can see above, wore a daring combination of leather hot pants and a sheer shirt. She had also managed to ladder her sexy House of Holland tights by the end of the night, but still looked fab. Frankie was never far from her boyfriend Dougie Poynter's side throughout the night, firmly dispelling the ridiculous rumours about her and Aston from JLS. We're sorry Aston, but there's just no way a girl would ever ditch the lovely Dougie from McFly, even if a member of JLS was on offer. It was a busy weekend for the girls, as last night they were all glammed-up again for a cocktail party hosted by Elton John. We don't know where they get their energy. We're still recovering from Saturday night! Merry Christmas, ladies.

xx McFluCrew

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