torsdag 17 december 2009

HeatWorld nämner bilolyckan

Tydligen så var Tom inte den ända som var med om en bilolycka igår... Det här skrev HeatWorld på deras hemsida:

"Peaches and Tom McFly involved in car crashes
Peaches Geldof and Tom Fletcher from McFly were both involved in car crashes yesterday. Peaches was driving towards Disneyland in Florida when the car she was in skidded and span around on the motorway. Minutes before the collision she'd Tweeted a message saying: "Speeding like I never, ever witnessed before. Feel like I'm in a scary video chase game." The socialite emerged unscathed from the accident, later Tweeting, "Can't believe we're alive after that." Scary! Tom Fletcher was in a car with his parents when it was hit by a taxi late last night. He also Tweeted afterwards saying, "Had a car crash in my parents car. Everyone's fine. Crazy cab hit us and dad's lovely Jag saved us all...but it got wrecked in the process." They all went straight to hospital but the only injuries were some bruises, cuts and a spot of whiplash. Really scary stuff. Hope you're both feeling OK, guys."

Klicka här för att läsa hela artikeln

xo McFluCrew

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