torsdag 17 december 2009

Tom i bilolycka!

Igår/Inatt var Tom och hans familj med om en bilolycka, men bara lugn de mår bra!

Det här är vad Tom och Gio har att säga om händelsen:

Had a car crash in my parents car. Everyones fine. Crazy cab hit us and dads lovely Jag saved us all...but it got wrecked in the process.

Just thankful we're all alive! Dads devistated about his car, I gave it to him as a present. Seatbelts and airbags literally saved mum and dads life tonight!

In for a long night at the hospital. What a shock! Things could have been so much worse. Dad is such a careful driver! Shame others aren't.

Yeah, not a scratch on me, she spun us around to face the other direction! Minor injuries for my parents. My door flew open after she hit us

Think I might have hit myself in the nose during it though...what a twerp!

Dad all checked, whiplash and some scratches and bruises! Mums up next. Festive cheer all round!

Finally back home. Thanks for all your tweets of love :) Seriously though, seat belts saved our lives tonight so you MUST WEAR THEM!!! Bedtime. So happy that tom, bob and Debbie are safe. It couldve been so different. Thanks for the lovely messages! Xxx

Going off to bed now folks. Goodnight and drive safely! Love to you all. x

Vi är glada att Tom, Gio, Bob och Debbie mår bra! skicka en trevlig hälsning via Twitter! <3

x McFluCrew

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  1. Herregud! När jag läste rubriken fick jag panik!! Tänk om han hade skadat sig!