fredag 18 december 2009

The Saturdays help fight world hunger!

The Saturday har börjat en campanj som ska stoppa världs hungern. Så här stod det på deras hemsida:

The Saturdays have teamed up with loads of other massive celebs to back the Really Good School Dinner campaign.

The all-star lineup, including JLS and N-Dubz, donated their time for the partnership campaign between the School Food Trust and the United Nations World Food Programme. The campaign aims to help end world hunger by inviting children across the country to buy one school dinner and give one free.

For every school lunch bought during the campaign week, children will be asked to donate just 10p extra. Every 10p donated goes to the WFP’s School Meals Programme and is enough to pay for a whole meal for a child in a developing country who would otherwise go hungry.

You can check out the video promoting the campaign featuring The Saturdays here

Xx McFluCrew

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