torsdag 7 januari 2010

Dan Walker skriver om Danny i sin blogg

Dan Walker har en blogg på BBC sport och i sitt nyaste inlägg skrev han om Danny:

" I was playing in a side made up largely of Reverend and The Makers. Hairy frontman Jon "The Reverend" McClure had driven a mini-bus down from Sheffield with five other band members in it. Simon Webbe, of Blue fame, and Danny from McFly were playing up front while two lads from Umbro made up the 11.

4. When Danny from McFly rattled in our fourth goal, I went to celebrate with him but got slightly distracted and missed with the right hand of an attempted double high-five. Instead of the intended palm-on-palm action, I inserted by thumb in his right eye, forcing him to leave the pitch. Not quite Steve Morrow but still pretty nasty. "
-läs hela blogginlägget här.

Stackars Danny! Men man kan ju inte annat än undra i fall han sa: "aaah, my eye!" ;)

xx McFluCrew

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