torsdag 7 januari 2010

The Saturdays i MyBliss

Den här veckan är The Saturdays på Bliss framsida. I tidningen avslöjar de lite av varje såhär stod det på deras hemsida!

The Sats have been writing a series of guest columns for Bliss over the last couple of months, but now they're taking over, as the latest issue of the mag has between its pages a massive feature on the girls and a brand new photoshoot!

Inside, Mollie reveals her fears, Frankie confesses all about love, Vanessa spills her biggest insecurities, Una goes emo and Rochelle talks popularity!

You can get the mag by popping down to your local newsagents and head over to The Saturdays' press gallery to check out the cover.

And, as if all that Saturdays goodness wasn't enough, the girls are also featured in the latest TOTP and More magazines! Just head over to the press gallery to take a look.

Såhär står det på MyBliss hemsida:

If you're frolicking out in the snow today, put down that snowball and grab the February issue of Bliss now!

Cover girls The Saturdays share their secrets with us... find out what terrifies Mollie, what Frankie thinks of Dougie and loads more.

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