fredag 8 januari 2010


HeatWorld har lagt upp en artikel om The Saturdays:

Extreeeemely excitingly, The Saturdays are taking a few hours out of their hectic schedule on Monday to come a spend a few hours with us here at heatworld. The girls have told us they really want to get stuck in, which is great - but we hope we know what they're letting themselves in for. Our lovely guest editors will be giving us their verdicts on the big stories of the day, dishing out some invaluable fashion advice and doing something very special with heatgeek, although the details of that are staying top secret until next week. Rochelle, Frankie, Mollie and Una (unfortunately we won't have the pleasure of Vanessa's company, as she's too busy singing opera with Danny McFly and co - fair enough) will also be chatting to you all live from the office via the wonderful world of Twitter, so if you have a question for the girls make sure you're here by 10am on Monday. If you have any other crazy but realistic - and nice! - ideas of what you'd like the girls to get up to then do let us know. Something tells us there's going to be a lot of happy boys in the heatworld office come Monday...
Xxx McFluCrew

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