fredag 22 oktober 2010

Danny + dance album = true?

Här är 2 artiklar från The Sun:

"McFLY might have been out of the picture but their loyal fans haven't forgotten them.
Hundreds of hysterical girls packed out the venue for their comeback gig on Tuesday to showcase the band's new tunes.

TOM, DOUGIE, HARRY and DANNY, didn't disappoint, jumping around the stage with some over the top guitar solos and a tight performance.

But the real screaming kicked in when Dougie told the crowd he wanted to sleep with every single one of them.

How well that went down with Harry, whose mum was in the audience, is anybody's guess.

FRANKIE SANDFORD added glamour to the occasion, turning up to support her bloke Dougie with her SATURDAYS bandmate MOLLIE KING.

The lads say they have gone with a "darker' sound on their new album Above The Noise - but I'd say it's more a cross between BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and BUSTED.

That's no bad thing as The Boss is a legend.

The fellas know how to do guitar pop well and, although it's not my bag, it will please their army of fans."

"MCFLY star DANNY JONES is working on a side-project with American house DJ ROGER SANCHEZ.

The singer was asked to provide melodies for Roger's forthcoming album after a chance meeting in a London Hotel last month.

The pair got on so well, they've also spoken about the possibility of Danny recording his own dance album.

Danny excitedly confirmed the news during his recent Biz Session.

A source said: "Roger is very impressed with Danny. McFly's Pary Girl had a dance edge but their new work is heavier house.

"Roger reckons Danny's got a great feel for dance music and a great future."

Good luck to him. "

Xxx McFluCrew

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