tisdag 24 november 2009

25 days of McFly

25 of days of McFly är några McFly fans någonstans i världen som vill att alla mcfly fans runt om i landet ska delta i. Så här står det på deras hemsida.

'Introducing 25 days of McFly. Im sure many of you have heard of 25 days of Christmas but for those who havent its something ABC family does where they show a Christmas movie every day from December 1st to December 25th. But 25 Days of McFly is different as we arent showing movie everyday. Instead each day will have a different avtivity for us as McFly fans and maybe even McFly to participate in.

Christmas is always the greatest time of year so trust me each activity will be fun and nothing hard in any way. Please spread the word (and the cheer) to McFly ns EVERYWHERE. It doesnt matter which country you are from, this project is something for all McFly fans to do as a whole.'

Så vad tycker ni? Detta kommer hålla på varje day mellan den 27 november och den 21 december. Här kommer den första veckans grejer som ska göras. Varje dag kommer vi också lägga upp mera information om allt.

November 27: Write McFly a Christmas Letter
November 28: Make a Video/Take a Picture of Yourself Saying Merry Christmas McFly
November 29: Write you own McFly Chritmas Story
November 30: Recreate McFly Mansions
December 1: What Chrismas Jingle Would You Like McFly to Sing?
December 2: Make a McFly License Plate
December 3: McOrnaments

Xx McFluCrew

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