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Intervju med Holly

Äntligen kommer den hemliga intervjun! Vi har intervjuat Holly Faulkner. Hon var med på Master class, McFlys musik lektion. Hon är verkligen en trevlig tjej och förtjänade att få träffa killarna ;)

Here it is:
first question, basic, how old are you?
16 ... but im 17 in 15 days!!!!!
oo happybirthday.. sort of..
haha thanks

Tell us, how did you win the competition?
well i got an email from my bank, telling me i should enter the competition, and then i filled out my details and sent them off. About 3 weeks later when i was at college, i got a phone call saying I'd been short listed to meet mcfly.....and then a week after that they phoned me to tell me i had won it was amazing haha

what was your first reaction? Did you scream?
well, i said to the man "Are you serious?!" and he was like "yes holly congratultions!" and i went "OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH" *SCREEEAAAAM*

Was that the first time you saw McFly or have you gone to their conserts before?
it was the first time id ever seen them. They've been to my home town (Southend) and played concerts before, but tickets were sold out! so when i saw them, i was amazed!

What was the first thing you did? Did you meet the boys right away or...?
Well all of the competition winners, there was about 19 of us, we met up in london and got a coach to the recording studio, then we were taken into the studio where we sat down. I was in the very front. then they brought the boys in, and they sat down...... i had tom and danny about 2 feet away from me!!! and harry and dougie were next to them. they spoke to us about how the band was formed, how they write their lyrics my legs turned to jelly when they walked in!!

How were the boys? Did they make funny jokes or serious talk?
ohh they were fooling around so much. teasing each other. at one point, dougie got up and went to the toilet and harry goes "hes been dying for a wee for ages!" but they were serious as well when they talked about all their hard work and stuff.

hahaa, We have seen your videos on youtube, did you write any lyrics to lies?
yeah, me and danny wrote a verse i was so stuck with what to write about. so we wrote about me breaking up with my boyfriend lol
then he autographed the song after

ok, we are now gasping for air!

Do you want to share the lyrics or a pic to the Swedish fans?
i can type out the lyrics if you like.

that would be wicked!
I better stop believing, your not seeing her behind my back, but the truth is baby you got me caught in your trap. was i your dirty secret? you were playing me for a fool, all the grief and lying you sure aint mr cool!!
thats all we managed to write....cos we ran out of time
but its still amazing! lol

Naaaw! We love it!
So you didn't get that much time with them?
well we were with them all day. but we did a range of different activities.....

we spent some time listenin to them talk about how the band formed, how they write lyrics. then they went through the song "lies" and explained where they got those lyrics from. then we spent about 30mins writing our lyrics. then we had lunch. after that, we split into groups and did different things. first of all, my group went into the recording studio with danny and harry and learned how they put a song together. that was amazing and then we went to another room and spoke to their tour manager about his job. and then after that we were with tom and dougie tlking about their music video and merchandise

that sounds amazing!
it was

Did you get to take any pictures with them?
as a memory

well. there was a man taking photographs all day, and he took photos throughout the day. but as the day came to an end, the boys had to rush off to do an interview with Heat Magazine. so we didnt get to take loads of photos. but danny gave me a cuddle at the end, and the photographer took the photo so i hope they put it on their website soooooon

We have some photos on our blog mcflucrew.blogspot.com are you on any of
i'll have a look
can i just ask....why are you called mcflu, and not mcfly :
yeah im in some of those photos....im in the 3rd and 4th.... long brown hair with a black jumper with green stripes and with fluffy boots

You know the swineflu, well we thought it would be funny to call the blog mcflu 'cus McFly is spreading like the McFly flu..
oh i get you
thats clever

haha, thank you!

Is it ok if we put up some of youre photos on the blog?
thats fine

Thank you!
no worriessss
babaaa babaa baaaa!
ok, we have a little weird question...
haha... How did they smell?

as i said earlier, he got up and went to the toilet
and he wafted past!
omg he was amazing.
smelled amazing. they all did!
dougie had the nicest checkered hoodie from topman
haha, gonna buy one?

Haahaa! we would!
What songs did they play? apart from Falling in love..?
they only played falling in love. they played little bits of lies. but they didnt do a whole set of songs
they sung the lyrics that each group made
That's so cool!
which you've seen on my youtube im sure

hahaa, but what about that guy, we don't know his name.... He wrote "Cry"...
Jamie Gilder
he was lovely
so funny

well, we read on the McFly forum about lots of people not liking him so much... So they are wrong?

which forum is this
we all love jamie

haha we do to!

Oh! Did you get to bring a friend or anything?
noooo but a friend of mine won the compeition too!!

Really, that's so lucky!
oh that forum, some people are so horrible

We know!
We feel so sorry for Glider!
hes lovely

Do you have any contact with some of the other winners?
yeahhhhhh we all keep in touch on facebook

haha cool!
Wait, did you like McFly before you won the competition?
i wasnt a huge fan. i enjoyed their music and stuff.....but i wasnt like OMG I LOVE MCFLY!!! but now im totallyyyyyyy in love <3>

haha welcome to the crew!
hehehe thank you
You just got the Mcflu!
But didn't you have to pay to enter the competition?
nooo not at all. you just had to have a Premier 21 bank account with Santander

ok, we've run outt of questions... Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
ermmmm let me thinkkkkkk
just that......... the boys work so hard for everything they do. and i am so honoured that they took the time out to talk to all of us it was the best day of my life <3
aaaaaw! :')

i just rememebred another thing
i met mcflys managers MUM on the bus yesterday!!!
really? did she recognize you?
well she wasnt at the day, but i was telling my mate about saturday, and this woman interupted me and told me that her son is their manager! and she showed me all her photos and stuff! it was crazyyy
wow! haha

We would like to thank Holly for sharing her day in WONDERLAND! <3

x McFluCrew

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