fredag 27 november 2009

25 days of McFly!

Idag börjar 25days of McFly!! Här är dagens uppgift!

November 27-Write McFly a Christmas Letter: Write McFly a Christmas Letter telling them...well...anything you want! You can tell them what gifts you want for Christmas, how much you hope they have a great Christmas, what you expect to see from them this year, or anything else you can think of. It's all up to you on this project. It might even be fun to put a little Christmas drawing on the letter too. Then it is up to you to decide what to do with this letter. You can keep it for memories or send it over Twitter as a picture to McFly. Don't forget to take your picture for the Scrapbook!

Ta fram penna och papper för här ska det skrivas!

Xx McFluCrew

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