lördag 28 november 2009

28 November

Det är dagens uppdrag lycka till! och kom ihåg att skicka iväg allt också :)

November 28-Make a Video/Take a Picture of Yourself Saying Merry Christmas McFly: For this event you have two options. You can record yourself saying Merry Christmas McFly and adding in any other messages you want them to hear. Then upload it to YouTube with the Title: 25DOM-@twitterusername - (put your twitter username in the place where it says @twitterusername). Then add it as a video response to our video on http://youtube.com/25daysofmcfly. Your other option is to take a picture with a poster or writing on it that says Merry Christmas McFly. Upload it to twitter and send it to our account : http://twitter.com/25daysofmcfly. Picture messages will be used in the Scrapbook.

Xx McFluCrew

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