måndag 23 november 2009

McFly på heatworld!

Äntligen har intervjun kommit up på heatworld! Här har ni den:

When we were at school we often had trouble concentrating in class, but we bet we'd have paid more attention if our teachers looked like this! This weekend the mighty McFly turned teachers for the day and hosted a very special Celebrity Master Class run by Santander’s UK current account brands Abbey and Alliance & Leicester. Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry were joined by 26 teens who all had a interest in the music industry (and McFly, obvs), and they spent the day passing on their words of wisdom. Described by some excited girls at the studio in North-West London as the best day of their lives, the whole event was a massive success. Naturally, heatworld was there to grab the boys for a quick chat at the end of the day, and they were full of enthusiasm about how the day went.

"It’s been good talking about the bits of our job most people don’t get to see, like the behind-the-scenes stuff," Tom told us. Harry then added, "We set them a challenge to rewrite the lyrics to Lies in pairs, then in each group they chose the best lyrics to perform." All four lads were impressed by the talents of their students, with Harry telling us, "To just get up there and sing...it was awesome. Me and Danny talked to the groups about production and recording an album, and Tom and Dougie talked about the creative side of things, while Tommy our tour manager talked to them about touring and stuff, so they got an insight into everything." So, do the boys think they're good role models for young people? "I think we are," Tom told us. "I think the fact that we work hard at our job means a lot. Obviously a certain amount of luck is involved, and we have a one-in-a-million type job, but it does take a lot of hard work to do this."

McFly say they've had to teach each other a lot along the way, with Dougie telling us, "We kind of taught each other as well. If I started being a bit of a knob, then I know one of these would tell me." Harry then assured us, "We take what we do very seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously." The lads wouldn't give away too much about their new album, but they did tell us it will be out next year, and that they will be touring the UK *screeeam*. There's also something else in the McFly pipeline that sounds rather exciting... "We’ve got some quite different plans for next year," Tom confided. "Not sort of music related, but something new. Something quite exciting..." Danny then told us happily, "It’s pretty epic." We can't wait to find out more.

Xx McFluCrew

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