söndag 31 januari 2010

unrealitytv: Danny Jones, P2O

Den här artikeln har unrealitytv lagt upp på sin hemsida:

With all the Celebrity Big Brother final coverage, we managed to miss Popstar to Operastar last night, so we watched it today already knowing that Danny Jones ended up in the bottom two with Jimmy Osmond.

Listening to his performance, we’re not too surprised that the public didn’t rate him. much as we love Danny, he hasn’t got the chops for opera singing and his vocals are much weaker than some of his fellow contestants.

Judges Comments:

“You found the energy and came out with some guts but I know you can do better.”

Rolando: “The bad news is that you were struggling technically all week and it was sometimes too much pop. Tthe good news is you were nervous and you were still big on stage and that says a lot.”

Laurence: “I’m a huge fan of your voice and of most of your performances but that was B side . You didn’t engage with it in the same way but, as Rolando said, you fought so hard to make something of it and I’m extremely grateful."

Tycker du att de som skrivit artikeln har fel kan du alltid lämna en kommentar på deras hemsida, här..

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