fredag 5 februari 2010

Like McFly out of hell

Hemsidan The sun har publicerat en artikel:

POPSTAR To Operastar contestant Danny Jones says he wants to work with MEAT LOAF.

The McFly guitarist has become close to the show judge in a series of backstage chats.

Danny said: "Meat Loaf's a lovely guy. He always comes and talks to me.

"It'd be amazing to work with him - how cool would that be? Meat, can I be on your new album please?"

And he said he wants to hear the 62-year-old Bat Out Of Hell rocker sing an aria.

Danny said: "I'd like to see him do some kind of opera single. I believe he is opera-trained. It would be awesome."

The 23-year-old will get moral support from the rest of McFly on tonight's show - after he landed in the bottom two with Donny Osmond last week.

The band got together this week to help him hone his opera skills - and he's thinking of using his new-found talent on their next album.

He reckons bandmate Harry Judd could do opera - but isn't so sure about Dougie Poynter or Tom Fletcher.

He said of this week's workout: "Harry was the best, I truly believe he could be an opera singer.

"He properly got into it. Dougie struggled and Tom couldn't roll his Rs so he's got no chance."

Despite striking out on his own for the show, he insists he'd never want to be without the boys.

He added: "I could never be a solo artist, it's more like work when you're on your own."

And he reassured fans another album will be along soon, saying: "We've got materials and we're ready to build."

Danny battles it out with Kym Marsh, Bernie Nolan, Marcella Detroit and Darius Campbell at 9pm tonight on ITV1.

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