fredag 5 februari 2010

Chatt med Darius

Igår kunde man chatta med Darius (från p2o) och två av frågorna rörde Danny:

[Comment From EllaElla: ]
Are you gonna wear a pink suit like Danny in the first show? :)

Pink?! There's an idea... don't think so but if you like purple then check out tomorrow night's show, I've got an awesome suit made by Tom Baker - pukka!

[Comment From Anneliese+SusannaAnneliese+Susanna: ]
Who do you get on best with out of the other contestants?

Danny and I are good mates and have been since McFly hit the scene, Kym's a darling, Bernie is an angel with wings of good humour, and Marcella is a gem...

Danny i första avsnittet av P2O, kommer Darius låna hans kostym i ett framtida avsnitt? ;)

xoxo McFluCrew

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