onsdag 3 februari 2010

OK Magazine: Inside Frankie's birthday

LottieLoue86 har varit snäll nog att lägga upp scans från tidningen ok magazine på The saturdays music forum. Bilderna och artikeln är från Frankie's födelsedag:

EDIT: The saturdays.co.uk har lagt upp bättre kvalité på bilderna....


When you’re a member of a top British girl band, it’s a case of decisions, decisions when it comes to choosing a venue to mark your 21st Birthday. So when the Saturdays Frankie Sandford celebrated her big day, OK! Was on hand to ensure she had a night to remember.

The singer hosted a lavish bash at the Sanctum Hotel in London, where her band mates Mollie King, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman and Una Healy helped her party the night away - before collapsing into her suite to finish off the celebrations. “The papers the next day made it sound like I was having some mass orgy but it really wasn’t! It was really laid back,” laughs Frankie.

After the birthday girl had finished pampering and make-up necessities, she joined her band mates downstairs as the DJ belted out their favourite tunes and guests sipped bubbles. Looking a knockout in a black ruched minidress, its no wonder her boyfriend, McFly’s Dougie Poynter, can’t stop showering his girl with compliments!

Here the songstress talks about her life, living with Dougie and her naked derriere!

Did you enjoy your big night, Frankie?

It was really good! Although I was the most sober ! By the time I got there everyone was in the drunk stage which I’d missed because I was getting ready.

Who was the most tipsy then?

Dougie and Rochelle - She told me she hit her head on a lampost on the way home!

Did you ever imagine you’d be spending your 21st as a member of a hit girl band?

I did think, Oh my God, this is weird - OK! Are at my party and there are like 50 paps outside! It felt like my wedding, I had to make my way around everyone and make sure they were having a good time.

Who gave you the best present?

The girls gave me a mulberry passport holder and perfume. My parents and sister bought me a trip to the Moulin Rouge in Paris, which they’d wrapped up in clues. There was a tin of beans for a can can, a Euro and a star and something with the Eiffel tower on. it’s a great present.

Did Dougie spoil you too?

He had lilies, roses and champagne in my room and he got me this big picture which has loads of squares with pictures with them and they’re like holograms - when you look at them you see different pictures from each angle. Its amazing. There are pictures of me when I was younger and with friends and family.

Does he pay you compliments?

He always tells me I look nice but he likes me with no make-up on, leggings and ugg boots. He’s good at giving a compliment though. If you make the effort you hope somebody notices!

Can we expect wedding bells soon?

God no! Are you kidding me? Things are going really well but I’m far too young and have a lot of living to do before I get married.

Is it tough making time for each other with your hectic schedules?

Not really - we live together and Dougie’s not really working lots at the moment. But McFly have been working on their album so this year will be busy for them again which will be strange. Their stuff is going to shock everyone - what I’ve heard is amazing.

Can you see yourself doing solo projects further down the line?

It still feels like we’re only just starting. Every band has a shelf life so you always hope there are opportunities afterwards.

Were they any surprises on the night?

There were pictures up of me when I was little which was cool, apart from my mum putting one up of me when I was really small and had no underwear on! Why do mums insist on doing stuff like that?! Its great, everyone has now seen my bum!

xxxx McFluCrew

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