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Nu har HeatWorld lagt upp intervjun som de gjorde med Danny!

"Danny Jones is used to being on a stage surrounded by his three McFly bandmates and clutching a guitar, so it must be an odd transition for him to step out onto the stage on his lonesome every Friday night and sing opera. Still, being Danny, he's taken it all in his stride and is actually doing an amazing job. When we met him yesterday for a chat at the London Studios he looked exhausted, yes, but full of enthusiasm for the challenge ahead. "I'm dreaming opera," he admitted. "It's taken over my life!" We also found out a tiny bit of info about those secret projects, but Danny wasn't giving much away. "The album will be summer time," he said. "There's a couple of secret projects. Tom's got one, Dougie's got one. I need to get one! Harry's just learning his drums every day, that's his secret project." Danny's the only one of the Popstar To Operastar contestants to have screaming girls in the audience every week, and he can't thank his fans enough. As promised, we asked him as many of your questions as we could, even though most of them were about him getting naked! Read the full interview below and make sure you tune in to watch Danny in action tonight. You might even spot an excited heatworlder or two in the audience...

Popstar To Operastar, tonight, ITV1, 9pm

NickyLovesMcFly asks: What's the hardest thing about singing opera?

The language, definitely. It's getting the placement and the Italian that are my weaknesses.

skyfullofstars asks: What's it like backstage on PSTOS? Does everyone get along well or is there a bit of rivalry?

At first, we used to all get a bit of lunch and have dinner together, but as it's got more serious we stay in our dressing rooms and practice. It's getting more intense now. Everyone's really nice, it's fine.

McFrankie asks: What's your definition of swoon?

Jude Law is swoon. He walks past girls and they're like...phwoar. I didn't know what swoon meant at first.

PascaleDeBom asks: Do you think you're achieving your goal to make opera music cool?

YES! If you go and see a good opera it's like watching an amazing musical. Opera seems really intimidating. I really wanna go, I'm going to start going. Maybe they'll ask me to be in one...?

McFloor asks: If you could have a super-power for one day, what would it be?

This be the best opera singer ever! [Laughs.] I'd like to be the strongest man in the world, but to go and break up fights. I'd go into riots and go...'NO'. I'd love to have the power to just stop a thousand men.

PascaleDeBom asks: Does having the other McFly boys in the audience every week distract you?

When I'm singing I don't really look because I'm in the moment, but around the show I always look at them and give them high-fives and stuff. It's quite funny.

skyfullofstars asks: What's the one thing that makes you smile?

The boys trying to sing opera! They are funny - and they're all rubbish. I didn't have enough time to teach them, really. I just put them through the paces and what I've been through, like, fish impressions and stuff [stops and opens and closes his mouth like a fish]. You have to do a lot of that in opera.

paulaamorimf asks: How is your throat doing with all the singing?

I am feeling a bit under the weather today. I'm getting aches, I've got a sore throat and my ears are blocked. I dunno what's wrong with me. I think I'm just getting a bit run down.

Loreeen asks: What are the 5 things you can't live without?

Something I can do without is my dog s****ing on my kitchen floor! He just doesn't get it. Wee outside, dude! Anyway, what are the five things I can't live without? Music! toaster. Sex, because that's natural for a man. And...Vanilla lattes.
heatworld: Not McFly?!
Oh...s**t! Can I have six? Or McFly and sex on the same line.

RebeccaMasters asks: You're pretty busy at the moment, rehearsing for PSTOS and keeping up with McFly and arranging future plans. How do you manage to cope with it all?

It's quite tough, actually. I try to fit in McFly because we've just started to record. You're up at 9, you're here till 5, then you go home and have dinner and by that time it's like 6/7 and you just sort of wanna chill. I've not even been going to the gym or anything, which I wanna do. I did fit in football in the other night.

NikiNoo asks: How do you get your teeth so perfect?

Teeth?! They're not perfect. I've got a little invisible brace, can you see it? [Opens his mouth wide so we can peer in.]
heatworld: Um, no...

StarGirlALA asks: What's the thing you're most proud of?

The new McFly album. We've got the materials and now we're just building it. The McFly massacre!

ShaunaLee asks: Describe your PSTOS experience in one word.


carolineeilovemcfly asks: Will McFly get naked on the next tour? PLEASE!!

We'll only get naked if I get time to go to the gym before the tour. The boys have been working out without me while I've been doing the opera. I need to catch up - I've lost my six-pack!

LetitSnow asks: Would you turn a McFly song into an opera-McFly song?

It would be quite cool, that. With this new secret project, there's going to be opportunities for stuff like that. For stuff like that it's going to be great.

keetkeets asks: How much would you charge if I were to hire you to sing opera?

I dunno. Because I'm out of my comfort zone I'd have to double my price. Depends how many songs, too. Hiring the whole band would cost 90 cash!"

Xxx McFluCrew

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