tisdag 13 juli 2010


OMG OMG and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loggade nyss in på twitter och såg att Carrie och Debbie nyss skrivit:
@DebbieFletcher So the news is out. For those who haven't heard read tweets @danwootton

@LittleFletcher You want Mcfly new? Check out @danwootton !

och eftersom jag vill veta saker om McFly som kollade jag in danwootton och vad ser jag inte då om inte detta tweet:

@Danwootton For those asking, McFly will do small UK gigs before Christmas then they plan an arena and world tour for next year. Well so Dougie told me.


Men det finns mera intressanta tweets!

The band are also back with Universal Island Records after going it alone last time. It's a profit sharing deal this time round.

The new McFly song is out in the first week of September when they'll also launch their Super City website. Album follows in time for Xmas.
Amazing website, one of the best ive seen

Fans might be a bit surprised because it's a real change in direction but the lads are focussed (and very buff at the moment too).

And they're releasing a Taio Cruz-produced track called Shine a Light as second single. It's a real hit in waiting as well.

Their brand new single Party Girl - produced by Dallas Austin - is a real change in direction. Very GaGa-esque.

McFly are about to make a HUGE pop comeback. Just heard a sneak listen to their new album and it's wicked.

Så många grejer på bara EN dag oj oj jag har svårt att smälta allt!!

Xxxx McFluCrew

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