onsdag 14 juli 2010

entertainmentwise: We Spent The Evening With McFly!

We Spent The Evening With McFly!
And this is what we found out...

Last night we were lucky enough to hang out with those gorgeous McFly boys at a posh London hotel. Oh it was in the penthouse too, did we mention that?!

Tom, Harry, Danny and Dougie invited us to the hotel to share with us some exciting new news and material. After being greeted with a kiss and a hug from each (we kid thee not), it was down to the serious task of listening to the new tunes.

If you're fans of McFly you'll be excited to hear that the boys have gone in search of 'the new sound' and you won't be disappointed! Our favourite song was Party Girl which will be their first single and it's a proper banger and not like the McFly of old.

What else have they got going on? Well a brand new super site, a website like you've never seen before which allows you into each of their 'bedrooms' (we had a poke around all of them with Dougie's help) and also allows you to earn points which equate to amazing real life opportunities with the band.

Like what, we hear you ask? Well, everything from recording a song with the boys to watching them soundcheck. SCREAM!

If you're not excited enough already, we can confirm that the boys were also looking super FIT, with tans and a whole new rockin' wardrobe. Yum.

We'll keep you updated with all new McFly news and will let you know when we catch up with them again soon...

Those McFly boys are cheeky!


xxxx McFluCrew

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