tisdag 13 juli 2010


Idag har McFly sitt "möte" eller vad man ska säga och teen today har varit där och tweetat om det! Här är några saker som de skrev om ni vill se allt så kan ni gå in på deras twitter @TeenToday .

"They're chatting about working with Dallas, lots of great stories about boozing"

"They're going to play new music.... they're talking about Prince and Michael Jackson being influences"

"They all have very nice eyebrows"

I asked what Party Girl was like, and if he could text some lyrics. He's just replied "fucking amazing". Not sure what Q he's answering

Here are some lyrics - "She don't care for nobody else, she's in her own world, she's such a little party girl."

"Playing a slower song now - we're going to hear three in total today"

"The final Dallas Austin song is a ballad and beautiful!"

I am pretty sure that McFly will be playing stuff from the new album at their gigs in August - who's going?

Wow, there are loads of you going! I am very impressed.

McFly fans are freaking awesome. I love how passionate you all are.
(Hur sött är inte det !!)

McFly will be doing shows before the album release (around October) and into early 2011 but no dates confirmed yet.

Two of the songs that Olly heard today will be singles, as it stands at the moment

"The last song was absolutely beautiful, Tom's vocals in particular on the last song are amazing"

Right McFly fans, that's it for the updates for now. We'll have some more this afternoon - see you then! x

Så det kommer mera nyheter senare idag och då lägger vi upp det här på bloggen!

Xxxxx McFluCrew

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