onsdag 14 juli 2010

the sun: McFly go Wacko

McFlying . . . pop boys enjoyed their time in Atlanta

ALL-night tequila benders, visits to strip clubs and boozy dinners at ELTON JOHN's gaff have had a profound effect on McFLY.

They've ditched their trademark pop rock for a funkier R&B sound. And HARRY JUDD, TOM FLETCHER, DOUGIE POYNTER and DANNY JONES yesterday treated me to three tracks from their as-yet-untitled new album. They now sound more like PRINCE or MICHAEL JACKSON than McFly.

First single Party Girl is a slice of futuristic R&B. And two tracks written with TAIO CRUZ, Shine A Light and ballad I'll Be Your Man, are decent too.

Axeman Danny told me: "Our influences have been people like BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and THE BEATLES, but this time we took inspiration from artists we'd never tapped into."

Recording sessions in Atlanta were masterminded by R&B super-producer DALLAS AUSTIN.

Tom said: "Dallas introduced us to Patron tequila. He almost killed us on a couple of occasions - it's lethal. He also really likes strip joints, so we'd hammer the tequila and then head off to these clubs.

"One night we ended up going round Elton John's house in Atlanta for dinner with Dallas.

"It was a great time."

xxx McFluCrew

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