onsdag 14 juli 2010


Idag börjar andra dagen av McFLY's presskonferensthing men artiklar från de som var med i går har redan börjat dyka upp. Här är en från Daily Star:


NOT since Kylie went grunge has the music scene been shaken by such a dramatic change in direction.

But fans and haters of McFly prepare to be shocked.

Their cheesy pop has gone and heavy synths and sexy beats now dominate the four tracks played at an exclusive listening session in a swanky London hotel.

The lads teamed up with Madonna and Britney producer Dallas Austin for their first single Party Girl, released September 4.

The result is an immense dancefloor-filler laden with Lady GaGa Bad Romance-esque “Ooh-oohs”. Taio Cruz has also worked his knob-twiddling magic on two tracks for their untitled fifth studio album.

Second single Shine A Light shows their sensitive side, singing over club beats: “She left me with a broken heart. She took the light and left me in the dark.” While Nowhere Left To Run has scintillating synths layered over sharp beats.

A warm welcome back fellas.

När det står att vi ska förbereda oss för att bli shockade så måste jag medge att det gjorde mig lite orolig. Men Toms Tweet lugnade snabbt ner mig:

"When you do hear it, turn it up, close your eyes and open your minds! It might not be what you expect...but I think you're gonna love it! ;)"

Yes! Jag litar på Tom så det här kommer bli wicked!! :D

xxxx McFluCrew

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