måndag 18 januari 2010

3am: This week's most entertaining Twitter twaddle

Det här är taget från hemsidan 3ams Twitter twaddle:

Danny, McFly: "Mmmmm, shall I poo poo before I sing opera or after?"
Danny is treating his slot on reality show The Opera with as much respect as it deserves. Even his own bandmates are ripping him apart for being a complete sell-out...

Dougie, McFly: “@Dannymcfly I've been asked to do popstar turned porn star.”

Tom, McFly: “@Dannymcfly we've all discussed it and us three think its best you leave the band and concentrate on your true passion for Opera. Good luck!”

Lite längre ner i artikeln står det om Mollie ifrån The Saturdays

Mollie, The Saturdays: “Today I wore my socks with poodles on them! Hehehe! Santa bought them.”

Oh please. The cute girlie act doesn’t exactly work when you’re posing with your tits out and ‘sex me’ face in the Twitter background.

Det här är Mollies bakgrundsbild!


xxx McFluCrew

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