torsdag 21 januari 2010


För er som missade chatten med Danny, lägger vi upp de frågor som blev besvarade ;)

[Comment From Maandy_Poynter Maandy_Poynter: ]
Does you troat hurt when you sing opera or it's the same as sing McFLY songs?It looks like you use too much "power" to sing opera
Danny Jones: it hurts in a different way... when i do gigs it gets a little dry, but when im singing opera my muscles and neck hurt

Danny Jones: thanks guys

[Comment From kel kel: ]
Danny you've master pop and rock, attempting opera, whats next?
Danny Jones: pop star to porn star next

[Comment From Amanda Amanda: ]
dannyyy , if you could turn any mcfly song into opera , what would it be ??
Danny Jones: i would turn pov into an opera song

[Comment From Jayy Jayy: ]
Do you think the opera voice training will improve your voice on and new albums? :)
Danny Jones: i think it will help me to maintain my voice for the later yrs of my life.... and im sure it will help me now too

[Comment From Taylor Taylor: ]
Danny how does it feel to be singing alone and without a guitar?
Danny Jones: it would suck to be a solo artist... i miss the boys being beside me

[Comment From Alex Alex: ]
Do you teach opera to Bruce and Ralphie ?
Danny Jones: errrrrrr can dogs sing???

[Comment From Jenny from Sweden Jenny from Sweden: ]
What's the hardest thing about learning to sing in another langage than English?
Danny Jones: the hardest thing is learning the italian.... its sooooo hard.. especially when your from bolton

[Comment From itsgabi itsgabi: ]
how do you felt when the first juror criticized you?
Danny Jones: i wasnt too bothered cause i knew i did a good enough job just for me anyway

[Comment From Jemima Jemima: ]
will you be doing an opera song for all of us at your next mcfly gig?
Danny Jones: mmmm youll have to wait and seeeeee

[Comment From Cahh Nascimento Cahh Nascimento: ]
How do you feel when you are in the stage? happy? nervous?
Danny Jones: well when im singing opera im pooing myself.. but with mcfly it a lorra lorra fun

[Comment From Rachele Rachele: ]
Do you think you can win?
Danny Jones: do you think i can win?

[Comment From laislies laislies: ]
how do you feel about your new nickname: danirotti!? haha
Danny Jones: i like the nickname, ive just been told what about pavoranny??

[Comment From liri :) liri :): ]
isn't it hard to learn a song only in a week ?
Danny Jones: yessssss very hard and very stressful... im still learning the one for tomoro arghhhhh

[Comment From ingrid ingrid: ]
Danny Jones: no i didnt choose the pink suite haha, i like it cause it was a bit different from the rest of the guys

[Comment From Marcela Marcela: ]
which was the first thing you thought when you received the invitation to sing opera? something totally different than you're used. @maridodanny and @marcelafletche
Danny Jones: well i first said noooooo i dont want to do it, then all the boys were like, yeh do it. it will be classic.... so i sort of did for the fun factor

[Comment From marina stephan marina stephan: ]
Danny, do you think you have chance become a opera star after de reallity show? Xxx
Danny Jones: no way, could i be an opera star ahhaha, i think it takes yrs to perfect it..... cant wait to go back singin normal ha

[Comment From Amanda H Amanda H: ]
Is there any other style of music you would want to try out?
Danny Jones: i would like to try........erm.............. rapping

[Comment From Hill Hill: ]
how you will celebrate if you win?
Danny Jones: erm ..... i would just see the family and friends and have a mini party to celebrate woo hoo

[Comment From Mila Mila: ]
Arent you afraid of hurting your voice?
Danny Jones: naa, not really, i dont think its that strenuous, on tour is worse

[Comment From Sofie Sofie: ]
who do you think has the most potential for winning the show?
Danny Jones: i think, marcella has a great opera voice......

[Comment From Jess Jess: ]
What do you think its harder: singing opera or playing football at wembley? Love you, hero! Xx
Danny Jones: definatly singing blooming opera

[Comment From Skittles Skittles: ]
If you could nominate another McFly member to sing opera who would you pick? why?
Danny Jones: haha, ok....... i would pick either dougie or harry i cant decide. harry could be like ildivo and doug could be......mmmmm. well i dunno what he could be hahah classic

[Comment From @likealover @likealover: ]
Have you ever sang opera in the shower at least once in your life?
Danny Jones: yes i have sang opera in the shower.... its recommend cause not only do you think you sound amazing because of all the echo, but the steam is good for your vioce
Danny Jones: i meant voice

[Comment From bia bia: ]
what about the new CD ? we're sick of waiting !!
Danny Jones: be patient.... its worth waiting for. i cant wait either. we star to record it in the next couple of week... so hopefully summer tiiiiiiiiiiiime

[Comment From NathalieNL NathalieNL: ]
Is it hard to switch from 'pop-Danny' to 'opera-Danny'? :)
Danny Jones: yes, very hard beacause when i get excited i go to auto pilot and pop danny comes out as if we are in an arena

[Comment From kayleberry kayleberry: ]
have you seen the facebook group created by your fans about your pink suit from friday?
Danny Jones: all i have to say is that i feel the lurrrrrrrrv for the pink jaket

[Comment From Emmar Emmar: ]
How many times a day do you practise?!
Danny Jones: im doing about 5 hrs a day

[Comment From Ester Ester: ]
Any tour plans for a recent future?
Danny Jones: yeh we always have tour plans..... in all penciled in the dairy but we will let you know dont worry.... its very exciting this yr for mcfly

[Comment From gisele e bia gisele e bia: ]
what's like to be in a reality show?
Danny Jones: mmmmmmmm its a strange one really...... ive not thought about it to much... to be honest i dont mind it, at least you have to have talent in this one eh?? haha

Danny Jones: well thank you sooo much everyone... i send my love thru the computer, and hope to see you all soon.... im off to sing more opera but with the ochestra now, then off home to wipe dougie's bottom and put him to bed awwwwwwwww

Xxx McFluCrew

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