måndag 18 januari 2010

HeatWorld: P2O

Den här artikeln är från HeatWorld:

Now watch the Popstar To Operastar performances everyone's talking about

When we first heard that lots of celebs were going to be rounded up and taught to sing opera for a new reality show, we admit, we didn't have very high hopes. However, with perhaps the exception of poor old Alex James (see video below), all the contestants did a really good job. Who knew Darius had such an impressive voice? And how beautiful did Vanessa from The Saturdays look in her princess dress? The biggest surprise of the night had to be McFly's Danny Jones, however, whose normal, growly rock voice was barely recognisable as he belted out this impressive performance. The girls in the audience were screaming, members of McFly (also in the audience) were almost crying tears of pride and lots of you were going absolutely crazy on Twitter - especially when Danny ended with a nice grab of his crotch. Lovely stuff. Alex James did his best, bless him, but it ended up being more comedy than classical - and he was the first to be voted off. Have a watch of the two clips now and tell us YOUR views.


xoxo McFluCrew

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