fredag 22 januari 2010

Danny set to rap?

ITV har lagt upp en artikel om Danny:

Danny set to rap?
Singing in the shower, missing the McFly boys and a future in rap - get the gossip from Mr Jones' live chat

When we wrenched rising operatic star Danny Jones from rehearsals and sat him down at a laptop for a chat with you all, he was quick to quash queries regarding a potential solo career.

"It would suck to be a solo artist," he wrote. "I miss the boys being beside me."

Awww. And that's not the only thing Danny finds hard when he's warbling in front of the nation.

"The hardest thing is learning the Italian," he added. "It's sooooo hard, especially when your from Bolton!"

Quick as a flash, sparks flew across keyboards everywhere, as you all delved into ways that Danny could practice behind closed doors.

And he wasn't afraid to admit his top secret tactics.

"I have sung opera in the shower," he revealed. "I recommend it because not only do you think you sound amazing because of all the echo, but the steam is good for your voice."

You heard it here first people.

And the crowd went wild for the steam-enhanced high notes when Danny belted out his first operatic number.

And now that he's mastered the art of vibrato, could we tempt the star to branch out into yet another challenging genre?

"I would like to try... er, rapping!" he replied, with a glint in his eye.

And that, Danny Jones fans, is a whole other show.

Xxx McFluCrew

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