torsdag 21 januari 2010

The Saturdays

If you have already picked up your brand new issue of heat the hard copy version today (and if you haven't, get yourself to a shop now), then you'll already have seen what happened when we let The Saturdays loose on our very own web geek last week. Rochelle, Mollie, Frankie and Una were without their fifth band member Vanessa when they came to visit heatworld, as she was busy practising her arias for Popstar To Operastar. We thought it was only fair in this instance to offer our very own web geek to them as an honorary Saturday, but first he had to look the part - and that's where the girls came in. Watch the Sats as they transform our lovely web worker from geek to goddess in just a few minutes. It's pretty impressive, although we think he really should have shaved off that beard...
Xxx McFluCrew

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