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News of the world

I söndags la vi upp en artikel som News of the world publicreade på deras hemsida. (läs den här)
Artikeln skapade lite problem för vår Danny och vi hoppas för hans skull att allt har löst sig nu. Det vi inte visste när vi publicerade den på bloggen var att intervjun även publicerades i News of the World tidningen.

Det här är det som står i Tidningen:

THESE two beauties are proof that boy band heart throb Danny Jones really does love his country. And today the McFly singer talks for the first time about how he became the envy of his bandmates by bedding BOTH Miss Englands - in reverse order.

In an exclusive interview with the News of the World, the Popstar To Operastar hopeful said: "I guess it's obvious what my type is - big, blonde girls. My mates thought it was cool."

Sash The 23-year-old developed his sash pash on current girlfriend Georgia Horsley (Miss England 2007) when he was STILL in an on/off casual relationship with Laura Coleman (Miss England 2008).

And for the first time, Danny admits he started his fling with 23-year-old Laura BEFORE finishing his long-term relationship with girlfriend of three years Olivia Shaw, 25.

But heartbreaker Danny insists he was NOT a love rat, just a young lad "having fun" - and now he's found his Star Girl in the form of gorgeous Georgia, 22.

"I felt s*** for hurting the others but I'm not a cheat," insists the shaggy-haired star. "But Georgia is the one - she's epic." Danny - whose hits with McFly include Star Girl, I'll Be OK and Five Colours In Her Hair - was in a troubled relationship with Olivia when he headed to the Miss World finals in South Africa with his bandmates early last year. He was desperate to get out of the relationship but claims he hadn't the guts to end it officially. "I left it badly with her," he admits. "You write songs about these things. When you're scared of breaking up with someone, you ask for some space instead. So that's what I did and we were having space when I went to South Africa."

But while he was performing at the pageant he fell for pretty Miss England Laura, who he SNOGGED during a night out. He adds: "That happened and I was like, 'I need to get out of this with Olivia'. It was an awkward situation because I had wanted to break up anyway but I didn't have the balls. So I'd asked for space, then I went and had a f****** great time in South Africa. I know I probably broke her heart. I haven't had mine broken before but I can imagine how it feels."

Then Danny began a three-month passionate relationship with reigning Miss England Laura, however, he insists she never officially became his girlfriend. He recalls: "I did kiss her and got with her for a bit, but it wasn't as a girlfriend. I was just like, 'Wow, it's Miss England.' It was pretty cool.

"Maybe Laura thought there was something more to it." Danny met Georgia for the first time at 2009's Miss London competition - an event that was co-hosted by her AND Laura.

"If it wasn't for Laura I would never have met Georgia," he says. Danny admits he was instantly attracted to Georgia but kept his distance because she was in a relationship with someone else at the time. He adds: "Meeting Georgia was an accident really. I bumped into her at that event but I backed off. Then months later she asked me out for a drink. She was such a laugh - a really amazing girl." But Laura's friends have made it clear she was unhappy that Danny swapped her tiara for Georgia's.

He sighs: "I know that's what she's been getting people to say, but that's not the type of thing I do. I'm not a cheat. I wouldn't have the guts to do that. I was obviously a single lad at the time and having fun. I saw a girl and I fancied her. I just like good-looking girls, to be honest!" Now Danny has vowed to concentrate on a different type of talent show - Popstar To Operastar.

He admits he's working extremely hard to turn his gritty pop voice into a more operatic tenor for the ITV1 programme, hosted by Myleene Klass and Alan Titchmarsh. He says: "When I'm in McFly, I've got a guitar and my mates. It seems easy looking back at it now. With opera, you've got to sing from your eyes and your nose - it's like learning to sing again."

But Danny reckons his mentor, Welsh opera star Katherine Jenkins, is not to be crossed. "She's gorgeous." he smiles. "She's such a nice girl. But Katherine's a perfectionist and a task master. You wouldn't mess about with her." And Danny - who has no plans to leave bandmates Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter - knows Georgia is another woman he won't mess around with. "I'm not taking any risks," he says. "Back in the day it was amazing. Some girls worried they'd just be another notch on the bedpost - I did go a bit mad. But now I've got a girlfriend who I would actually call my girlfriend."

How he rates rivals


"I know Kym through my tour manager. I think she'll do fine, especially after her time on Popstars. She's a bit scared, like the rest of us."


"She's a lovely girl with an ace voice. I've got to know her through my bandmate Dougie, who's with her bandmate Frankie."


"I really think she could be a dark horse, man. Don't write her off. I like a lot of Bernie's old voice - it's really quite impressive."


"No one is to be underestimated in this competition - he does have a great voice."


"I don't know much of her work apart from Shakespeare's Sisters but she's a really nice girl and she's got a great voice."


"He's classic, so lovely and down to earth. Bernie was in a rush the other day and skipped the queue so Jimmy just waited for his lesson. No fuss."

xxx McFluCrew

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