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Här är några artiklar om Danny och Popstar to Opera star:
15 Januari

19 Januari
"Five things you should know about McFly’s Danny Jones

1. The 23 year old is ’sh*tting himself’ about taking part in Popstar to Operastar.‘I know nothing about Opera,’ he revelas.‘At first i said “No way am I doing that”.But i’m doing it for the challange.’

2. He doesn’t get angry very often, but when he does it’s normally over his housemate ‘not leaving the kitchen tidy’.

3. McFly are busy writing: ‘ We’ve been working with R&B producer Dallas Austin, who’s done Katy Perry.We want to blow you away.’

4. He’s mates with Elton John! ‘ We went for dinner round Elton’s house,’ he tells us.‘We got on with him well and he even sent me a Christmas card.’

5. He’s still dating Miss England 2007 Georgia Horsley.‘She’s so cute,’ he tells us. ‘The other day she put the TV on mute, so she could listen to me practising my singing.’ "

19 Januari
"Opera hit a sour not with Elton

Oh dear! It seems rock legend Sir Elton John has given Popstar to Operastar the thumbs down. The Rocket Man was stunned into silence after Mcfly guitarist Danny Jones told Elt he was appearing on the show. Danny told Closer. “We all went to Elton’s for dinner and i told him I was going to be in the show, but he just sat in silence! I don’t think he liked it.” Never mind, we love it.
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