måndag 11 januari 2010

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Ännu en artikel från HeatWorld...om The Saturdays.

"With Celebrity Big Brother currently taking over our telly-viewing lives, and dominating office chat across the nation, what could be better than asking the four actual celebrities currently taking over heatworld.com what they think about this years show. We had a little chat with The Saturdays about CBB and asked them who they think should win...

Mollie: Sisqo, just because he went into the house singing in The Thong Song
Rochelle: I really like Vinnie Jones because he’s such an EastEnd geezer
Frankie: Errr... I’m not really sure why its called Celebrity Big Brother this year.
Una: I keep changing my mind, at first I liked Jonas but now he’s boring, Sisqo is has shown how talented and charismatic he is, but the coolest person in the house is Vinnie because he’s not a try hard.

Well there you have it, looks like the lovely Saturdays (well, except for Frankie) are mostly rooting for Vinnie and Sisqo. "

Xxx McFluCrew

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