tisdag 12 januari 2010

Myspace: Popstar to Operastar - ITV1 this Friday at 9pm

Ett nytt blogginlägg har lagts upp på killarnas myspace och det handlar om Popstar to Operastar!
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Popstar to Operastar - ITV1 this Friday at 9pm

This Friday night at 9pm marks the beginning of a sensational new singing show on ITV1. Popstar to Operatar will see 8 popstars battle it out in the toughest contest enroute to operatic success. Not only will the contestants be signing in a completely differnt style, but often in a different language too. The show will make X Factor look like a walk in the park.

Danny will need your support every step of the way. We'll be bringing you all the info you need to vote and keep him in the show so stay tuned and switch on to ITV1 from 9pm Friday.

For more info on the show head to www.itv.com/entertainment/popstartooperastar/

xoxo McFluCrew

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