måndag 11 januari 2010


Det blir mycket The Saturdays nu, men eftersom de var hos HeatWorld så kommer det upp många "artiklar"

"Ever since The Saturdays arrived the the heatworld office this morning, we've been inudated with questions about the top Rochelle was wearing - and now we can reveal exactly where it's from - and where you can get your very own one. The lovely Rochelle was wearing an "I Left My Heart In Beverly Hills" Wildfox top, which you can order from Love Me Love My Clothes (www.lmlmc.com) for £80. The girls told us that the only time they get professionally styled is for an official event such as a premiere, and the rest of the time they do it all themselves. Also, most of the stuff they pick comes from the high street, which makes finding it - and affording it - all the easier for us! Result!"

Xxx McFluCrew

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