söndag 10 januari 2010

Märkte nu att det är i fel ordning ni får börja längst ner ;)_________________________________________________________

Här är Tom och James intressanta konversation på Twitter.

tommcfly Want these!!!

tommcfly @JBFutureboy you can get em all over Disney! Different sets with different themes. So addictive!

JBFutureboy @tommcfly so let me guess they sell different mikeys like that with different designs everywhere? like one in tomorrows land one main st etc

tommcfly @JBFutureboy I'm really restraining myself from buying more!!!

JBFutureboy @tommcfly duuuude i can see how that gets addictive

tommcfly Anyone else started collecting these...it's really addictive! @LittleFletcher got you one to start you off!

tommcfly Ok, so our plane is delayed so me and Dougie have gone a bit vinyl crazy. Here's my army of mickeys!

Xxx McFluCrew

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